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FreeDrum invites people to come together to drum and create music in the name of freedom, diversity and fairness for all.

Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, FreeDrum started as a group of drumming enthusiasts who met at A Stand In The Park (SITP). We decided to meet at the park again mid-week to start a drum circle to have fun and build our friendships. Even with our limited experience, on the first week the drumming drew in members of the public to watch and join in. The idea arose that the drum circle could be used as a way to help spread awareness about the lack of freedoms that had been removed due to the lockdowns, so we soon started handing out leaflets about freedom to anyone who stopped to pay attention, as well as inviting them to join in. As the drumming puts people in a relaxed, joyous state, the outreach was quite successful!

We had so much fun we decided to give ourselves a name: “FreeDrum”, drumming in the name of freedom!

It’s a lot of fun! We make a really positive impact, which is noticeable by all the lovely smiles we get. Children are mesmerized by the drumming and love to join in as well!

We now play in Huddersfield and Leeds town centres and are open to bookings for events, festivals, workshops etc. If you would like to book us please contact us via the the Contact page

Would you like to hire us for an event, festival or workshop?

Just email us with the details of the event and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.